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HD Online Player (Go Cabbies!GB Free Download [portabl) quimigi




0,99GBP0,69EUR0,39NOK8,99 US$0,99GBP0,69EUR0,39 Downloads Additional Versions and Editions: - Full Metal Edition - The game comes with all content and features unlocked. - Gold Edition - The game comes with all content, features, and a nice extra - The Little Giant team patch. - The Passport Edition - The game comes with all content, features and a map of the country of operation with all locations and major settlements marked in. - Classic Version - The game comes with all content, features, and a game picture. - Game Demo - Download and try the game first, no need to buy. Platforms: Windows Linux Mac OS Support: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Note: This is the only installer available for Linux. License: This game is licensed under the GNU GPL Version 3. Original DOS version available for download and try. Introduction "Welcome to the first passenger transport simulation game! You have been chosen as the captain of a tourist bus. You must travel the country of operation and collect tourists along the way." The game is divided into 10 cities, each with a certain amount of settlements and tourists. Along the roads are other tourist buses driving around looking for passengers. As the game goes on the cars become more numerous and, as a result, the roads grow busier. In each city you can choose to pick up tourists or drive on. The tourists will follow you. The more passengers you take the better it is for your bank account. The game ends when all the tourists are in your bus or when the bus runs out of petrol. The cabins are equipped with a telephone that you can use to call in other cars on the road to find passengers and to see what kind of road conditions they are experiencing. This is the first game released by The Little Giant, and is part of the Grand Bus Games series of games. Versions and Editions There are three different editions of this game: The Full Metal Edition The Gold Edition The Passport Edition Full Metal Edition: The Full Metal Edition includes all features and content, everything you




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HD Online Player (Go Cabbies!GB Free Download [portabl) quimigi

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